English Speaking practice, learning / Importance of English Language & tips

To know the English Language is very important in the present age in order to compete with the world nationally and internationally. For the purpose to get any good job or business English language is as much compulsory as the rest of the skills.

However, English language Practice and learning is worth taking at any platform if you have good communication skills and English language fluency you will be able to get and avail batter opportunities. So for the leaning purpose of English, several tips are very important.

Tips /Tricks

Boost Confidence

To break the afraid of being wrong is very crucial in order to the whole process of the English language. No matter what are you speaking wrong then so what? Just get rid of this fear and take a courageous step towards opportunity. Speak with confidence this will help you out to break the bridge of shyness.

Surround yourself with relevant people

To be around with the same interest of people who are good in English and they are in the learning process. You will feel more comfortable with them and will get something new.


To build English vocabulary is very important regarding the whole process of English learning & speaking. Make the die-hard habit or learning a new word every day. By following this way very soon you will be able to speak and write English and you might feel the disaster change in yourself.


For the learning purpose and writing purpose, practice is very important. Because practice is the only thing which makes you perfect. So try to keep in touch with the community and make with them practice every day with consistency as consistency is the key to success.


Try to prefer to watch any entertainment activity in English. Like, watch English shows and videos only in English. If you are watching the dramas or movies in your native language just make little effort to download English subtitles and watch them with English subtitles this whole process will directly aid you in the whole journey of English language learning

HEY, now its turn to show in the comments about more tips and trick 

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