Why Hamza Ali Abbasi tie knot with Naimal instead of Saba Qamar

Hamza Ali Abbasi recently got married to Naimal khawar on 25th August 2019. But many questions occurs is that Love marriage or arranged marriage?

Why he Chosen Naimal khawer for marriage?

Why Not Saba Qamar?

Saba Qamar is absolutely an amazingly versatile and utmost beautiful actress in the present era. If Go back Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi were very close in last years as they have seen close enough on screen. Saba Qamar was truly sincere with Hamza Ali Abbasi she was fall in Love with this men truly and want to get married. But unfortunately Hamza Ali Abbasi refused to get married to saba Qamar due to the rejection of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s  Mother she was not agreed and she never wants any girl from the media industry But Now he got married with Naimal though, Naimal also belongs to the media industry.

Hamza Ali Abbasi chose Naimal because it clearly shows that they were in love with each other. Hamza Ali Abbasi proposed her and they were in connection from last two year. There are so many reasons Hamza Ali abasi chose the Naimal in which one major reason is that they both belong to Shia sect. So this is the main reason for selection among both Hamza and Naimal.

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